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GALvanize Bootcamps

Girls Compete. Women Empower.

GALvanize gives you the tools to succeed in the world of sports, both in front and behind the camera.

Through boot camps with professional sports teams and athletic departments, workshops, experiences and partnerships, GALvanize teaches and mentors women of every age and stage to thrive while turning the so called “competition” into allies. We are an army of over 5,000 women from teens to 50s. We are for ALL women in sports.

Laura Okmin Galvanize Bootcamp

GALvanize Bootcamps: 2 days. Endless takeaways

Day 1

Takeaways: A day spent on Sisterhood.
  • Confidence building
  • Finding your voice
  • Using your voice
  • Tools for navigating a male dominated space
  • Tools for coping with toxic environments
  • Gaining a support system of women
  • Gaining allyship to turn to during challenging times throughout career
  • How to be a better mentor/leader
  • How to be a better mentee and receive the most from mentors
  • Comfort in Vulnerability – showing and receiving
  • Building healthy relationships with women in a culture that does not encourage that.
  • Showing women are allies not competitors
  • Learning your own story so you can become a better storyteller of others
Laura Okmin Bootcamp Poise & Confidence
Laura Okmin Bootcamp Interviews

Day 2

Takeaways: Partnering with athletes. For a decade, we’ve been consistently ranked #1 in NFL rookie developmental programs.
  • Empathy for the athletes we work with – these and others
  • Understanding the power of vulnerability
  • How to earn vulnerability
  • How to earn trust
  • How to build relationships – not contacts or sources
  • How to help someone figure out their story
  • Shouldering the responsibility of telling someone’s story
  • How to build relationships in a male-centric world with boundaries
  • Relationships with NFL teams we partner with. That includes speaking with PR, Player Engagement, Head Coach and many of the highest ranking women in the organization.
  • GALvanize becomes family to these rookie classes. For over 10 years, we have now established relationships between these men and women that are sustained for years, which benefits both sides with future interviews/requests
Laura Okmin Bootcamp Interviews


You will learn how to prepare for an interview, how to have a genuine conversation, how to truly listen and how to make your questions standout. Each participant will sit down with a special sports guest for a 3-minute interview and write a news story with stand up opens and closes. You will receive hands-on coaching and a copy of the video for your reel at the conclusion of the boot camp.

Poise & Confidence

You will become comfortable talking on camera and will learn to produce and shoot video. We will build your confidence for the media world, and for life. Whether you are interviewing an athlete on camera or walking into the classroom, the locker room, or the board room, you will be prepared to lead the conversation.
Laura Okmin Bootcamp Poise & Confidence
Laura Okmin Bootcamp Building Relationships

Building Relationships, Not Sources

We work on building trust and cultivating long-term relationships. As women, we will address the importance of making strong connections while establishing boundaries.

Bigger Goals Than Being a Sideline Reporter

You will learn about the many opportunities in sports. In our boot camps, we talk about discovering and building your foundation. From storytelling, writing and producing to developing content, GALVANIZE will help you create a plan for your future.

Laura Okmin Bootcamp - More than a sideline reporter

What's Next?

We work on what your next steps are. For some women it’s building their reels, for others it’s figuring out how to land their first job or simply deciding what path to take. Regardless of the route you choose, you will know what it means to be a woman in this business and the obstacles and opportunities that come with it. GALVANIZE asks one thing of every young woman who attends our boot camp. Starting now, every job you go to, seek out the women who are at the company and befriend them. There aren’t many women in this business and when there are, too frequently we view each other as rivals. We may not change the sports, but we can change OUR world.

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