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Laura Okmin Speaking Engagements

Laura has spoken to and trained small, intimate groups including executive  teams, leadership groups and NFL coaching staffs  – to rooms of thousands at conferences and conventions. Her gift is, no matter the topic, making the large rooms FEEL like small ones. She doesn’t talk to the room – she changes the room by focusing on every attendee’s story as much as her own.

Laura is a highly sought after speaker and has been invited to lend her voice (and her passion) to many important discussions.

Laura speaks to groups and covers impactful topics that can change lives. Here are some, but she actually prefers to hear what you’re hoping to get out of a guest speaker so she can customize her message to meet your specific needs.

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Your "Who" - Not Your "Do"

Too many of us judge ourselves – and others – by what they DO for a living. This presentation is all about how we find out our WHO and how that guarantees you’ll never waste an introduction, an interview or a meeting. Your relationships will go deeper in business and in life once you learn how to authentically connect. Laura has spent over two decades helping change people’s lives by figuring out their story…but HER world completely changed once she finally worked on her own. She will help you figure out your WHO.

Relationships - Not Contacts

Laura uses her most valuable lessons that come from some of the greatest athletes in sports to explain how she built relationships -not sources -throughout her 25 year career as a sports journalist. Learning as a young reporter from the likes of Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, Laura took those life lessons as a reporter -and a person – and continues to apply them to cultivate relationships she continues to build two decades later. You’ll hear essential lessons and insight that will make you become an expert at building – and sustaining – relationships in work and in life.

Using The Media While It Uses You

Laura has spoken to professional sports franchises, a variety of companies, and individual clients on how to take advantage of the media platform. This can be media coaching X’s and O’s, crisis coaching, or shaping your media philosophy. Learn how YOU control your narrative.

Women's Empowerment

Laura does not speak to a room about empowerment – she makes it about the room. This will include group participation and shared vulnerability as the women empower themselves – and each other. This is for groups who aren’t looking to change a room – but who are looking to change a culture. Laura does this for groups of teenage girls to women executives. Age and stage of life do not matter – this presentation will change how women look at themselves and other women. If you are looking to strengthen voices and connections with women you employ or teach – this is your presentation.

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