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Laura Okmin Divider

Once fearful of her second act, Laura Okmin has turned it into her favorite act. After 30 years of telling other people’s stories, Laura has focused on her own – still reporting from the sidelines, but broadening her playing field. People Laura has covered over the years has now turned into trusted clients. Her clients include Super Bowl head coaches, gold medal olympians and professional sports leagues. She specializes in coaching communication and leadership – becoming a more intentional, meaningful and authentic leader. Laura calls herself a BLIND SPOT coach, showing clients what they often don’t see. While doing all of this, Laura has spent over the last decade helping thousands of women succeed in the sports world through her company GALvanize. Laura remains a storyteller in work and in life whether it’s in a broadcast, a speaking engagement, or her own production company.

Laura Okmin Divider

Speaking engagements include:

Qualcomm Speaking Engagement - Laura Okmin
Accenture Speaking Engagement - Laura Okmin
Bank of America Speaking Engagement - Laura Okmin
Mastercard Speaking Engagement - Laura Okmin
Pennsylvania Speaking Engagement - Laura Okmin
Liberty Mutual Speaking Engagement - Laura Okmin
NFL speaking engagements - Laura Okmin
MLB Speaking Engagements - Laura Okmin
Mass conference for women Speaking Engagement - Laura Okmin
The Texas Conference for Women Speaking Engagement - Laura Okmin
Texas Tech speaking engagements - Laura Okmin
Johnson & Johnson speaking - Laura Okmin

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